What is True Power and How do we Obtain it?

I have been thinking about true power a great deal lately. Why do so many people want it and crave it, and why does it seem to make the world go round? The main concern with this line of questioning is that it seems that power and control are almost synonymous. We want to feel in control so we control others and this is an exercise of power. Power in this form is fleeting, like a drug that gives you a rush and keeps you coming back for more.

True personal power lies in knowing that you have all the resources you need to care for yourself and cultivate your dreams. You do not need to wield power to get what you want. If you feel powerful and know you are powerful, you have the greatest and most sought after blessing in the world.

May we all be blessed in this way and may living this blessing be utterly contagious to all!

Good Commons

~ for the common good ~

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss is the creator of GOOD COMMONS, a retreat center, vacation home and studio for the arts. In the heart of Vermont, Good Commons provides a space to create, a space to empower the body and soul, a space to heal and a space to be fed.
Tesha Buss

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