What do You Want?

I’m stealing this from the amazing astrologer Rob Brezsny whose work far surpasses the woo-woo that some folks believe surrounds astrology. This is an example that Brezsny suggests for us to say out loud to see how it feels:

“I know exactly what I want. I know exactly what I don’t want. I know exactly what I kind of want, but I won’t waste my time on it because it sidetracks me from working on what I really want.”

We frequently need this reminder so that we don’t spend all of our time on the safety net when we could be flying through the glorious air. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be thorough, smart and prepared with our leaps of faith. Just don’t get or stay side tracked for too long on the back up plan. The exit strategy is only one small part of a successful plan.

Enjoy the harvest and the bounty of this fall season. May color flood your lives!

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss is the creator of GOOD COMMONS, a retreat center, vacation home and studio for the arts. In the heart of Vermont, Good Commons provides a space to create, a space to empower the body and soul, a space to heal and a space to be fed.
Tesha Buss

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