Culinary retreat

Vermont Culinary Retreat – 9th Anniversary Celebration!

Join Good Commons owner/creator Tesha Buss, and chefs Matthew Wexler,  Melissa Gellert and Hemingway’s Owner & renowned cooking instructor Ted Fondulas for the 9-year anniversary of our legendary bacchanalian celebration! Ted is a dear friend and frequent visitor.  His restaurant Hemingway’s was open for 30 years, a 4-star Mobil restaurant, voted Top 25 Restaurants in America...

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Yoga & Cooking Retreat with Aaron & Brandon Styles

Yogi Aaron Styles

Join repeat Good Commons hosts Aaron & Brandon Styles for their amazing summer yoga and cooking retreat. Enjoy the company of friends new and old, take time to relax, soak in the hot tub, and explore Vermont’s Green Mountain region. This vacation is perfect for anyone!  Aaron is the creator of Styles Yoga in the NY State Capitol Region.  Aaron partners with The Hot Yoga Spot and...

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Who’s Your Family – Blood, Bond or Both?

I love my blood family. My mom and dad have done for me all the things that a bond of friendship may never have dared to touch – like renovating retreat centers and farms. As the locals here in Plymouth say, “We turned a sows ear into a silk purse!” The bonded family of friends I have blesses me in other extraordinary ways. Their understanding of my souls desires and fears...

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