Good News

An Engaging Climb

I have a beautiful deep purple Clematis growing on the fence in front of Good Commons. A Clematis needs something to twist and curl and ascend upon. I encourage you to make like this vine and go searching for an engaging climb. Or perhaps you are more inclined to receive and make like the nails along the fence. Be the firm posts, allowing someone to coil around you and skirt about your skin! Dare...

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A New Perspective

Years ago while riding the subway in NYC, I read the tiniest article in The Economist that stated that more women die because they are women every three years than the number of Jews in the Holocaust! We are not talking about women that die in let’s say, a car accident, but women being extinguished simply because they are women. We women are finally gaining some traction for being equals in...

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What is True Power and How do we Obtain it?

I have been thinking about true power a great deal lately. Why do so many people want it and crave it, and why does it seem to make the world go round? The main concern with this line of questioning is that it seems that power and control are almost synonymous. We want to feel in control so we control others and this is an exercise of power. Power in this form is fleeting, like a drug that gives...

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How and Why We Learn

I have engaged in a hefty amount of religious study in my journey on earth. I have distilled down multiple stories, parables and teachings in an attempt to get to the heart of the matter –“why“ we matter. I have always been an extremely goal oriented person, but as of late it is clear to me that learning is our ultimate purpose. Although college works as a tool for learning,...

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Who’s Your Family – Blood, Bond or Both?

I love my blood family. My mom and dad have done for me all the things that a bond of friendship may never have dared to touch – like renovating retreat centers and farms. As the locals here in Plymouth say, “We turned a sows ear into a silk purse!” The bonded family of friends I have blesses me in other extraordinary ways. Their understanding of my souls desires and fears...

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Eco-friendly Vacation Rentals with

Good Commons

Good Commons is proud to be featured as an eco-friendly vacation rental from GetawayGreen as their “Green of the Week” property! Green of the Week Property: Good Commons is a new conduit for travelers who want to book eco-friendly vacations.  For those of us who care about the world that we live in and who want to contribute to reversing climate change, this should...

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