An Engaging Climb

I have a beautiful deep purple Clematis growing on the fence in front of Good Commons. A Clematis needs something to twist and curl and ascend upon. I encourage you to make like this vine and go searching for an engaging climb. Or perhaps you are more inclined to receive and make like the nails along the fence. Be the firm posts, allowing someone to coil around you and skirt about your skin!

Dare to join this delicious process to enjoy the flowering of the soul and the colorful world that sprouts forth from your sensual efforts. Relax and enjoy summer Good Commoners!

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss is the creator of GOOD COMMONS, a retreat center, vacation home and studio for the arts. In the heart of Vermont, Good Commons provides a space to create, a space to empower the body and soul, a space to heal and a space to be fed.
Tesha Buss

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