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Years ago while riding the subway in NYC, I read the tiniest article in The Economist that stated that more women die because they are women every three years than the number of Jews in the Holocaust! We are not talking about women that die in let’s say, a car accident, but women being extinguished simply because they are women. We women are finally gaining some traction for being equals in this great world with Hillary getting the Democratic nomination, more attention towards equal pay and national outcries about the length of rape conviction sentences.

Seeing every one of us as equal and every thing as ALL ONE is not an easy practice. The amount of judgement that flows through our minds minute by minute takes a strong sense of awareness and sharp discipline to control. Whether your practice includes the yoga mat, sitting meditation or simply a walk in the woods – take notice of your judgements and views. A sage once asked me, how many conflicting views about the same issue can you hold at the same time? Sit with this for a while! See the world from a new and different perspective, even if you don’t agree with it. How can someone think like that or be like that? Hmmmm, I wonder… I hope you wonder too!

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss

Tesha Buss is the creator of GOOD COMMONS, a retreat center, vacation home and studio for the arts. In the heart of Vermont, Good Commons provides a space to create, a space to empower the body and soul, a space to heal and a space to be fed.
Tesha Buss

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